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This Church named after All the Saints, originated out of the evangelical initiative of three oil traders from Opopo-Joseph Cookey, Gabrial Coookey and Zedekiah Cookeys. These men sailed up the Abs- Azumini River in 1896 for their trading and also for planting of Christian Region. In 1897, they negotiated with Abayi and Umuocham people for land establish their oil business at two beaches, which they built at Abayi waterside and Umuocham waterside. They traded oil producers from Ngwa the life, the word they preach, the religious cum trade relationship that transpired, the cookeys converted the Abayi and Umuocham people to Christianity. From 1901 especially in 1902, they planning at intensive crusade and invited their landlords. This led to the planting of two congregation one at Abayi waterside and the other at Umuocham dedicated by Bishop Johnson, the Assistant Bishop in the Diocese of Western Equatorial Africa (1900-1917). The earlier converts from Abayi and umuocham attended service at St. Ambrose, Abayi Waterside Until1905 when they set up their own Church -shade at Abayi and Umuocham respectively. Joseph Cookey was the volunteer teacher for Abayi while Gabriel Cookey was Volunteer teaches for Umuocham.

The period of voluntary teachers in Abayi and Umuocham ended in 1915 when as a result of the destruction of Jujus in various parts of Igbo Land, the membership in those two stations increased tremendously. Five paid teachers served in rapid succession at Umuocham. They were Teachers Fynebone, Matthew, Emmanuel, Braid and Uko. But as the first teacher for Abayi, Teacher Hezekiah Jaja started with Fynebone and stayed at Abayi while his fiva contemporaries “ Left in rapid succession either by transfer or retirement or by death “ The personality of Hezekiah Jaja and that of teacher Uko led to the coming together of the two congregations.

The amalgamation o0f the congregations in Abayi and Umuocham began with combined service on alternative Sundays. The two Villages finally agreed to have one Church at central place, and that was where All Saints stands today. The present magnificent Church is the third structure in the premises. The first one started in 1921, was completed in 1925 when the Rev. Alfred A.D. Spiff was the superintendent and was dedicated by Bishop A.W. Howells I. Assistant Bishop on (1920- 1933). During the time of dedication it was observed that Christianity had spread extensive into the Ngwa land and surrounding towns, and had built Churches that had taken the names of the most popular Saints. In order to satisfy the Church after All Saints:

From the beginning, there had been efforts to build a befitting place of worship. The first Church building was a mud house with Zinc, which eventually was pulled down because it could not accommodate members. The second Church building set up during the time of Canon A.O. Emelogu, was pulled down in the 1990’s to accommodate Church hall because it could no longer accommodate the growing population of All Saints Church. The present modern church was started in 1976 during the time of Ven.A.O.Akandu, and Bishop H.A.I.Afonya laid its foundation on April 4th, 1983. It was dedicated by Rt. Rev. Prof A.O.Iwuagwu on May 2nd, 1992. The building was completed during the time of Ven. B.E Nwogbe.

In recent years, a number of capable staff had led Church, trying to make it an Urban Church. They include Ven. A.C.Nwaigwe, Ven C. Emelogu, Ven E.S Kanu, Canon Aliche , Van A.Osundu Ven.G.Nwagwu and Ven Thank God Eche. The later had worked to make All Saints fully an urban church in spite of all resistance. He worked complete the Church the hall, to build a mother parsonage, to sink a borehole and built a poultry farm. He also resisted an attempt to encroached on Church land. He also strove to unite different elements of the Church. The church and its school had produced eminent person. They include Eze Amos Nwamaghinna, Sir James Irobi, Sir G.O.Samsom, Dennis Egbuchwe, Chief Ajiwe Onyeson, Mayiogu, Prof. Chidi Iknne, Emmanuel O. Nkoro and SDir A.S Mwabekee are also products of the Church and her school. Some others include Sir Eze Dandy Oglabu, Chief S.W. Obadiah, Sir Dr M Atasie, and Sir Barr. C.O.C Izima, Sir Augstine Okeke and Ven Thank God N. I. Elche . All SDaints church Abayi Umuocham has played leading roles both as a district headquarter and as the Archdeaconry Headquarter for all the churches in Ngwaland.

This church cannot forget the efforts of Ven. Emmanuel C. Amadi who was posted here in 2004 to actualize the dram of creating this area as Diocese, with All Saints church, Abayi Umuocham as the headquarters. This was achieved, and on Wednesday, 19th of April, 2007 the Diocese was inaugurated and the first Bishop, Rt. Rev .John C.Ezirim (late) enthroned. Ven. Innocent A. Nwogwugwu served as the second Cathedral Archdeacon and was succeeded by Ven.Matteew Nwoke who stayed only nine months January 2010- September 2010- December 2010; Ven. Ikechukwu Eze was the Archdeacon in charge. By 2010 December location, The Ven. Ben Nwokedi was appointed the Cathedral Administrator. Till this day he has been piloting the affairs of this great Cathedral. To God be the glory Amen.


  1. Rev. Charles Ubani -Bishop's Ordeal
  2. Rev. John Onyeanuforo
  3. Rev. Emmanuel Ehilegbu
  4. Mr. Odiwonma Ihediwa -Bishop's Chaplain
  5. Rev. Stephen Joseph
  6. Mr. Emmaneul Nwakerendu -Church Teacher
  7. Mr. Chigozie Ekpekor -Church Teacher
  8. Mrs. Juliet Promise Pepple -Clerk
  9. Mr. Christian Uzoma - Sexton


  1. Mr. Emmanuel Uchegbu - Postulant


  1. Njoku Jude Chinonso - Local Helper