diocesan girls' guild


MOTTO: Show the Light of Jesus Christ to those in Darkness. Matt. 5: 13.

To help the members to develop Christian attitude and character that would make them useful to themselves, their homes, the Church and to Society.

To bring the girls to the full knowledge of Jesus Christ. This would help them develop physically, mentally, spiritually and socially.
To meet and study the Bible and pray together.
To learn skills that would make them self-reliant.
To assist girls to discover and develop their talents.
To teach girls to render selfless services to their Families, Church and Society.

To attend Church and Girls’ Guild activities regularly.
To read a portion of the Bible, memorize a verse and pray daily.
To be obedient, serviceable and of good behavior always.
To honour and respect parents, elders and leaders.
To be loyal to the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) and its functionaries.

To be regular in attendance at the Guild meetings.
To be regular in attendance at Church, Class Meetings and Sunday School.
To cultivate the habit of Bible Reading and Prayer every day.
To be pure in thought, word and deed.
To keep my person clean and holy.
To be neat and tidy in my dressing.
To learn to be obedient and useful at all times.
To be straight-forward, honest and truthful in my ways.
To be kind and helpful to all.
To obey my parents and those in authority over me.

I promise to upload the Aims and Objectives of the Girls’ Guild of the Church of Nigeria and show an exemplary Christian life to all around me.

Jesus show us how to serve You
Make us good and pure and true
Make us kind to one another
Show us loving things to do.

Keep our lives from sin and danger
May we choose the heavenly way
Looking up to god, our Father
Praying to Him every day.

You will bless and help Your servants
As we learn to fight the wrong
For we serve beneath Your banner
And Your love shall be our song.

God, our heavenly Father, we thank You for making us belong to the Girls’ Guild of the Church of Nigeria. We thank You for giving us Jesus Christ who died to save us from sin. Help us to love You, Your Church, and our neighbor. Grant us, through the Holy Spirit the peaceful, respectful, loyal, and loving attitude that we may win more souls to you oh! Lord.
Bless every member of the Girls’ Guild throughout the Church of Nigeria. Give us that firm stand and speed to spread nation/worldwide so that at the end we all may be saved through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.