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A Street in California is called “Salsipuede” which means “leave if you can”. When the Street was first named, the area bordered on a marsh that sometimes flooded, and the Spanish - Speaking City planners dubbed the location with a not-so-subtle warning to stay away. Read More



Life is full of surprises - Some of which take life in unwelcome directions. I still remember the Shockwave that hit our family several decades ago when my father lost his job through no fault of his own. With a house full of kids to feed, it was a jarring blow. But as certainly as Dad’s jobless was beyond his control and unexpected, he still knew he could trust God for his future. Read More

Theme:    Rejoice in the Lord.

Text:               Phil. 4: 4 – 7.

There are two aspects I want us to consider as we meditate on this theme.