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A Street in California is called “Salsipuede” which means “leave if you can”. When the Street was first named, the area bordered on a marsh that sometimes flooded, and the Spanish - Speaking City planners dubbed the location with a not-so-subtle warning to stay away. Read More



Life is full of surprises - Some of which take life in unwelcome directions. I still remember the Shockwave that hit our family several decades ago when my father lost his job through no fault of his own. With a house full of kids to feed, it was a jarring blow. But as certainly as Dad’s jobless was beyond his control and unexpected, he still knew he could trust God for his future. Read More

Theme:    Rejoice in the Lord.

Text:               Phil. 4: 4 – 7.

There are two aspects I want us to consider as we meditate on this theme.

Why God does exhort us to “Rejoice Always”? vs. 4.

The importance of prayer in times of sorrow or troubles, vs. 6. Read More