the youth ministry


Prior to 8th June 2014, the five Youth Arms of our Diocese was without a Co-ordinating Youth Ministry. Within the period under review, the Diocese was faced with challenges of disunity among the Arms thus: Anglican Youth Fellowship (AYF). The Anglican Student Fellowship (ASF). The Anglican Communion Bridgade (ACB). The daughters of hope and Girls Guild. (DOH&GG). But by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, our Diocesan Bishop, the Rt. Rev’d Nathan C. O. Kanu Ph.D., took the bull by the horn to stop the dichotomy by Inaugurating the Diocesan Youth Ministry as a Coordinating body. Having all the Youth arms as a department under it. The Ministry has Bro. Nestor O.C. Nwogwugwu as the President General and Amb. Lois Ekechukwu as the Vice President General while Ven. Precious Okereke is the Co-ordinator. MISSION To ensure proper coordination as to achieve a strong, viral, one united, zealous and effectively youth front that will stand the task ahead. ACTIVITIES As a Ministry, we organize quarterly programmes that brings the 5 youth arms together thus; LEADERSHIP TRAINING COURSE: This comes up every first quarter of the year. YOUTH MEGA CONFERENCE: This comes up every second quarter of the year. OUTREACH/EXCHANGE PROGRAMME: This is designed to come every third quarter of the year. PRE-YOUTH SYNOD SUMMIT: This is organized every last quarter of the year before the main Synod. The Youth Arms or department of our Ministry still retained their identities thus; ANGLICAN YOUTH FELLOWSHIP (A.Y.F) This arm is where the future leaders are trained especially in Church Administration, Management and Evangelism.