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  1. Ven. Obioma Chukwuma
  2. Rev'd. Ngozi Onwuchekwa
  3. Rev'd. Canon Micael A. Amanze -St. Mark's Amapu Ife
  4. Rev'd. Anele Odu -St. Monica's Umuimo
  5. Rev'd. Ikechukwu Okechukwu -St. John's the Baptist Umuihuoma/Umuarakpa
  6. St. Ambrose's Abayi Waterside -Rev'd. Augustine Alozie


Christianity was introduced to Ayaba Umueze in 1914, through the Missionary activities of Mr. Akara and his son Simon. The first converts included: Oruke of Ayaba, Ntiajin of Umueze, Erondu of Umuojima; CNhigbu of Umucham, Emelogu of Umuojima, Erondu of Umueze, Anawanti of Umueze, Nweke of Ayaba, Ngwalogu of Ayaba, Esonye of Umeze, Aro Ngwa of Umuocham, Gabriel Nwandu and Egege both of Umuojima.

They initially worshipped at Abayi Waterside until they opened the Church at Umueze. The first site was under Ube Akpuruoke on Umuojima land where they stayed for few months. They later built a mud house at Umulelu Ayaba which is the present site in 1916. Rev. A.O. Ockiya named the Church St. Silas.

The first agent to evangelize the place was Mr. Africa. H was assisted by his wife Mrs. Hannah Africa and his son “my-Journey Africa”, The Majority opposition that the Church had, came from the Okonko Cult. Its members insisted that the Church Members must join in their practices. They refused to be converted. They stopped Christians from the communal harvest of palm fruits, and arrested Christian defaulters even on Sundays during service.

Inspite of all opposition the Church advanced its message and built a religious school. The Church had been striving and in recent years had started the erection of big concrete Church. The population of the Church has improved. The Rt. Rev. Prof. A.O. Iwuagwu made the Church a Parish in 1997. Ever since, Rev. G. Ikeri, Rev. Jubueze and Rev. M. Okeugo had served there. The congregation had produced eminent leaders who are striving to build up the Church.