An Archdeaconry is division of a Diocese, and the circuit of an Archdeacon’s jurisdiction which comprises of Parishes and Stations. The Diocese shall be divided into Archdeaconries, the numbers, titles and boundaries of which shall be determined from time to time by the Bishop with the approval of Diocesan Board. An Archdeacon is often responsible for administration within an Archdeaconry, which is the principal subdivision of the Diocese. Archdeacon is a Senior Ecclesiastical Officer in the Diocese or an ecclesiastic, ranking next below a Bishop and having charge of the temporal and external administration of a Diocese, with jurisdiction delegated from the Bishop. He has responsibilities within his Archdeaconry including oversight of Church buildings and some supervision, discipline and pastoral care of the Clergy. The main function of an Archdeacon is to share in the pastoral ministry and missionary leadership of the Bishop, in the area of which the Archdeacon is appointed. The Archdeaconry Board has her membership of all Clergy within the Archdeaconry, and elected Lay members from every Parish and Station. The aim of creating an Archdeaconry is to smooth the way to growth, so that Parishes are able to get the things done quickly and easily that they need to get done to be fit for mission. Included in this page are the Archdeaconries/Mission Areas in Diocese of Aba Ngwa North, Anglican Communion. Please feel free to explore them and feel the heritage of Anglican Communion in our Diocese.