The boy’s brigade was found by Sir Alexander Williams Smith. He was born in Glasgow, Scotland in October 27th, 1854. William A. Smith was an Army Officer before the lord called him for his work; he abandoned his military service and became a Sunday school Teacher at Free Church mission, Northwood side hall in Glasgow Scotland. It was found during the time parents left their children uncared for. Therefore children became wild, undisciplined and were not properly thought with the Bible, hence as an enthusiastic Sunday school Teacher, he discovered what was going on and applied his military knowledge forming what is called BOYS BRIGADE in order to see that children hears the word of God. Though this Boys Brigade organization started with many boys but due to some of the disobedience which many of our companies are facing today made some of the boys ran away due to the hard (harsh) training in Brigade. So they remained only 31 boys including Sir William A. Smith and these were the people that formed Brigade. Brigade started with 28 boys and 3 officers on 4th October 1883 at Northwood side hall Free Church mission Glasgow, Scotland. It was known as the 1st Glasgow Company in Scotland. The name of the 3 officers are John B. Hill, James R. Hill and Sir William A. Smith. The remaining 28 boys were shared into 3 group; Company boys, Senior boys and Junior boys. The Boys Brigade is the first Christian uniformed organization formed in the world. Sir William A. Smith became a knight in the year 1909. He died on 10th May 1914 at the age of 60 years after the work that God gave him to do. In 1908 Boys Brigade came into Nigeria through Dr. Mac Milliam at Holy Trinity Anglican Church Ebutero, Lagos. In 1936 Boys Brigade was established in Eastern Nigeria at Christ Anglican Church Onitsha. During the celebration of Boys Brigade in Eastern region, one of Sir William A. Smith came to Nigeria named Major General Stanley B. Smith. The eastern central state council of B.B was reorganized in 1971 with Mr. Sunday Ibeneme as the organizing secretary. In 1936, B.B came into Northern region at Kagoro and was accepted by the chief of Kagoro land. In 1921 Boys’ Brigade week started. In 1886 first B.B camp was held. In 1915 was the founder’s day inauguration. In 1934 was the first training course for officers. In 1908 Boys Scout started. In 1953 steadfast magazine started. In 1963 international camp, Scotland B.B world conference was held. In 1966 Brigade headquarter was named to BRIGADE HOUSE Lonswo. In 1971, 50 years Anniversary of BB week was held. Today Boys Brigade has been establish in many countries and states with many companies of B.B. it is an international organization which has its headquarter in United Kingdom with Mr. R.L. Rawson as the secretary.



The Girls brigade was founded by Sunday school union in United Kingdom in the year 1893. The founded of Girls Brigade was Late Mrs. Margaret Beauty. Girls Brigade came into the Northern part of Nigeria in the year 1942 and in 1949 it came into the Western Nigeria while it came into the Eastern part of Nigeria in 1951. Girls Brigade was shared into three branches: Girls brigade which started in 1883, Girls Guildry which started in 1900, and Girls life brigade which started in 1902. In 10th June 1968 the brigade week of prayer started and it is the date to the memorial of the joining of the three organisation which is celebrated and observed every 10th June in the year. More