Youth Ministry

    Prior to 8th June 2014, the five Youth Arms of our Diocese was without a Co-ordinating Youth Ministry. Within the period under review, the Diocese was faced with challenges of disunity among the Arms thus: Anglican Youth Fellowship (AYF). The Anglican Student Fellowship (ASF). The Anglican Communion Bridgade (ACB). The daughters of hope and Girls Guild. (DOH&GG).continue>>

  • Anglican Children Ministry

    The Anglican Children Ministry is an arm within the Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion. Its activities are subject to the Constitution of the Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion.

  • Girls' Guild

    MOTTO: Show the Light of Jesus Christ to those in Darkness. Matt. 5: 13.
    AIM: To help the members to develop Christian attitude and character that would make them useful to themselves, their homes, the Church and to Society.
    OBJECTIVES: To bring the girls to the full knowledge of Jesus Christ. This would help them develop physically, mentally, spiritually and socially. To meet and study the Bible and pray together. To learn skills that would make them self-reliant. To assist girls to discover and develop their talents. To teach girls to render selfless services to their Families, Church and Society.continue >>

  • Boys and Girls' Brigade

    The boy’s brigade was found by Sir Alexander Williams Smith. He was born in Glasgow, Scotland in October 27th, 1854. William A. Smith was an Army Officer before the lord called him for his work; he abandoned his military service and became a Sunday school Teacher at Free Church mission, Northwood side hall in Glasgow Scotland. It was found during the time parents left their children uncared for.
    The Girls brigade was founded by Sunday school union in United Kingdom in the year 1893. The founded of Girls Brigade was Late Mrs. Margaret Beauty. Girls Brigade came into the Northern part of Nigeria in the year 1942 and in 1949 it came into the Western Nigeria while it came into the Eastern part of Nigeria in 1951. continue >>

  • Bookshop

    This is Diocese of Aba Ngwa North Bookshop in conjunction with Africa Chrisitian TesxbookS (ACTS) which deals with all kinds of Christian books and Bibles. Feel free to browse through our page and contact us for books to help you grow in your faith. continue >>