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SAT.19TH JAN. 2019

Youth Ministry Leadership Retreat/Workshop/ Rededication Service

@ TACP Abayi – 9am.

SAT.19TH JAN. 2019

Rededication Service for all the Women and Girls Guild members in all Parishes Headquarters. Uniform: Centenary for women and G.G. Uniform for Girls

WED. 23RD JAN. 2019

Diocesan Prayer Squad Re-opening Retreat

@ St. Gabriel’s Church Umuode – 6pml

THUR. 24TH - SAT 26TH JAN. 2019

Diocesan Women Prayer Conference

@ Holy Innocent Church Asa Amator.

THUR. 24TH - SUN 27TH JAN. 2019

St. Paul’s Week of Lectures

MON. 28TH JAN. - SUN. 3RD FEB. 2019

Diocesan Prayer Week.

Theme: “Departing From Iniquity”

(2 Tim. 2:19).



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"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."(Jeremiah 29:11)

Beloved in the Lord, this firm promise from our creator and preserver of all life, gives us a reason to celebrate in this New Year; not just for blessings received, but for the promise of a better tomorrow. To some of us the year 2018 was wonderful and great. Yet to others it was not so; but to all of us a new dawn, 2019 is come and we ought to be glad for where there is life, there is hope. 

As a Diocese we cannot but be very thankful to our God and Father for dealing with us with such immeasurable and undeserving mercy, grace and love in the just past year. His grace was so much that we felt, smelt, touched, wore, drank, and lived in it in every facet of our life. His plans to prosper and give us a future was so evident that we are forced to declare that we will magnify the Lord at all times and that His praise shall continually be in our mouth. 

As a state and nation we cannot thank God enough for keeping our flight calm in the midst of great storms, uncertainties and self afflicted hardship. But We are so expectant as we believe that the year 2019 will begin the manifestation of God's plan for our prosperity and good future particularly in this state of Abia and our nation at large. 

Therefore we charge our Diocesan faithful and all God's people to remain prayerful and committed to the worship of our great God who sits on the throne; who we know will fight for the deliverance of His people. As we welcome you all to this year of our divine visitation, we enjoin you to strive to live in love and peace with all people. Forbearing one another, LETTING OUR LIGHT SO SHINE, THAT PEOPLE SEEING OUR GOOD WORKS MAY GLORIFY OUR FATHER WHO IS IN HEAVEN. 


And to Him who is able to keep you from falling; and to present you faultless before His throne. To the immortal, invisible and only wise God be all glory, honor, praise and dominion now till the end of the age. Amen. 

Your Brother and Bishop,


January 2019.



Almighty God, the fountain of all wisdom and grace, Who mercifully sent Your Holy Spirit to strengthen and encourage your people and promised to be with Your Church  all through the ages. We thank You for Your grace to gather in this year's Synod.  We praise You for life provision and protection over the past year. Fulfill now O Lord Your divine promises, as we gather here in Your name.

Heavenly Father, forgive our imperfections in all things, guide and rule our minds; direct all our deliberations. And may we only seek Your honour and glory, the good of Your Church and welfare of others.

Gracious Lord, may it please You to inspire our hearts to discover Your Will. May our faith in You never waver and our resolve to follow You never grow weak. May our individual and Communal life be eloquent testimonies of Your Almightiness and love. Grant this for His sake, who reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, Jesus the Christ our Lord. Amen.



Chineke Onye kachasi ihe nile elu, Onye amamihe na amara nile si n'aka Ya; Onye ji obi ebere zitere anyi M Ns ka O nye ayi ike maa gbakwa anyi ume, Kwekwa nkwa I nnyere nzuk G na gb nile. Ayi na ekele G n'ihi amara nke ay ji gbakọọ na Sind af a. Ayi na eto G n'ihi nd, nrpta, na nkpuchita I nyere ay ke mgbe af gara-aga. Dka ay gbaktara n'ebe a n'ihi aha G, mezuoro ay nkwa I kwere ay.

Nna nke eluigwe, gbahara ay ndu nke ezughi oke n'ime ihe nile. Chekwaa ma duzie kwa mụọ ayi, haziere ayi ihe ndi ayi gaje tghar uche na ha. Mee kwa ka ay nwe chch ito G na ikwanyere G ugwu, na d nma nke nzk G na ileta ndi z.

Nna nke amara, ka d G ezi mma ime ka ay mara ihe bu Uche G. Ka okwukwe ayi n'ebe n ghara ma jijiji; ka mkpebi ay iso G gharakwa da mba, ka ndu ay n'otu n'otu na nmekrta ay na G br gbgba ama nke d ukuu na hnanya G. Mere ay nka n'ihi aha Ya, Onye soro G na Mụọ Ns na-ach eze b Jisus Krast Onye-nwe-ay. Amn.


Beloved people of God,

It is with a heart of joy and sense of responsibility that we welcome you to this last session of the fourth synod of our dear Diocese. We sincerely ask that you join us to thank, adore, and worship our God and Father, the Desire of all ages and our Rock for the grace to gather once again in this holy convocation. To Him be all glory, honor and adoration now till the end of the age.

We welcome our Deputy Chancellor, Registrar, Legal adviser, and other legal and Diocesan Officers here present, my noble nominees, members of the house of clergy and their wives, council of Knights and the ladies, our distinguished guests, delegates and all other diocesan staff members and their families. 

On your behalf we humbly welcome the Archbishop of the Ecclesiastical Province of Aba, and the Bishop of Umuahia Diocese, His Grace, The Most Rev'd Ikechi Nwachukwu Nwosu PhD. Your grace, we a pleased to have you with us. We appreciate the presence of our grand mentor, the immediate retired Archbishop of Aba Province and bishop of Aba, His Grace, The Most Rev'd Dr Ugochukwu Uwaoma Ezuoke, and Mama Hon. Mrs. Chinonyerem Ezuoke. Your Grace and Mama, thanks for coming. My lord bishops here present, we are honored to have you. We extend our warm welcome to all our political and traditional leaders. To all security and uniform outfits here present, our choirs, the press, and the rest of us, we say welcome and be blessed.

Beloved, please  join me in welcoming the President of our Women Ministry, Mama Aba Ngwa North, my  favor, Princess (Mrs.) Odionyenfe Nworoni Chinenye Kanu.

At this point, we wish to appreciate all who contributed in no small measures to the success of this year's synod. The synod secretariat, all the assistants and supporting staff. We continue to applaud the untiring efforts of the Chairman of the Central Planning Committee, Sir Chijioke Uhie and the entire members of that committee. With a sincere heart, we do appreciate the efforts of the board and members of Umuobasi Amavor Archdeaconry especially the Archdeacon and his wife, the Ven. Precious & Evangelist Mrs. Chinenye Okereke, the clergy and their wives, and all workers and members of the different churches that make up this Archdeaconry. Our special thanks go to the local organizing committee led by Chief Iheanyi Enwereji. We pray that our good Lord will remember your sincere services and reward you all abundantly. I am sincerely indebted to my immediate office staff - secretary, clerk, Admin. Assistant, Canon and chaplain for standing the heat of this synod preparation. Thank you guys for your dedication to duty and sacrifice. To the rest of my family, I appreciate your prayers and support. May you all never lose your rewards. Read More